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You need a strategic, innovative vendor, with deep domain knowledge in compliantly extracting and exchanging clinical data and workflow efficiencies to support your rapidly transforming business.

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Leading healthcare institutions want a partner they can rely on for years to come.

Our clients recognize they need a partner that brings an advanced level of expertise, customer service, technology and scalability to the relationship. Advanced technology-enabled services, supported by multistep quality controls, allow MRO to drive accurate, efficient results that address our clients’ ever-changing needs for medical record requests.


MRO’s clients consistently report that having an enterprise-wide partner is critical. MRO has a reputation of being a trusted partner who consistently delivers the outcomes our clients demand. We employ domain experts and thought leaders who consult frequently with clients on various topics that matter to their businesses, like privacy and security, changing regulations, best practices and industry advancements. As a team, MRO is proud of the accreditations and awards earned over the years from prestigious, third-party organizations.

MRO has been named Best in KLAS for the Release of Information (ROI) services market segment in the Best in KLAS: Software and Professional Services Report for nine consecutive years, since 2013.



MRO’s culture of service excellence assures you are provided complete and total support in all your interactions with our organization—from sales and contracting, to implementation and training, to responsive customer support. We heavily invest in the hiring, training and education of our staff who, using our state-of-the-art technology, offer you complete transparency and confidence. 


MRO Helps 29-Hospital System Efficiently Manage Release of Information


Superior Support

98% of existing clients stay with MRO because of superior support and technology-driven, quality ROI workflow.

MRO clients receive the highest level of support from multiple teams, led by ROI experts and a team of analysts. Management of onsite employees and disclosure management operations is handled by MRO’s Operations team, who review key performance indicators (KPIs) for clients each week,  watching for any changes that may provide advanced warning of a future problem. A proactive approach allows the team to quickly course correct. 

In addition to traditional operational support, MRO’s clients are assigned an HIM credentialed Account Manager with real world experience to ensure client satisfaction and account optimization. 

ROI Specialists and requesters receive support from highly specialized teams located at our National Service Center that are dedicated to their success. ROI Specialists are aided by User Support Specialists with years of HIPAA, ROI, and system experience. Requesters have a dedicated team to advise them on the release of information process, request status and billing. The Patient Advocacy team pays special attention to your patients so they can request and receive their records without delay.

A training and certification program that equips employees with the proper information to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws will give you confidence.

Learn how St. Luke’s improved their customer experience by partnering with MRO.

Technology-Driven, Quality ROI Workflow

With compliance and efficiency in mind, MRO offers more quality controls throughout the ROI workflow than any other vendor, resulting in a 99.99% disclosure accuracy rate. Our technology-enabled workflow is supported by our proprietary, web-based platform ROI Online® and supplemented with quality controls monitored by our Disclosure Integrity team and IdentiScan® optical character recognition software.

ROI Online and workflows are enhanced through automation that helps to speed turnaround times, reduce human error, and drive costs out of the release of information process. System enhancements such as MROeLink® provide bidirectional synchronization and automated document exchange between your EMR and MRO’s ROI Online Platform. Workflows are streamlined with technology such as RPA, Bots, esMD, sFTP, and electronic delivery via email, edMD, fax, or portals.

With MRO’s new Virtual Front Desk solution, patients can request their records through a number of touchless request methods. MRO eXpress™ patient request app allows patients to safely request their records electronically via their smart phone, laptop or computer.  Other touchless options include requesting via e-mail, faxing or drop box.  MRO provides you with all the collateral and educational material for a turn-key solution.

MRO’s ROI Specialists are connected to User Support through a proprietary communication system built into MRO’s ROI Online platform. Getting real time assistance keeps them processing for maximum production and builds a strong culture. Staying connected has helped MRO achieve the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry.

Learn how Lancaster General implemented technology to supported services to increase efficiencies in the workflow.


One of the hardest decisions an HIM department must make is to switch vendors. Our service teams are designed to scale as we guide you through a comprehensive and successful implementation, support your long-term vision for enterprise-wide disclosure management and provide industry-leading expert resources to consult on evolving requirements. MRO’s service and corporate structure is designed to scale for even the largest enterprises.

We have centralized many of the workflow elements, such as requester support, billing, collections, quality assurance and distribution at our National Service Center, allowing us to scale as capacity requirements fluctuate across clients.

MRO is the only ROI solutions vendor that offers one team, 100% dedicated to implementation. Our experts are trained to manage the successful transition to MRO’s ROI workflow, ensuring seamless onboarding of new clients.

Our industry experts use their deep domain knowledge of compliance, workflow and technology to deliver results and put clients’ minds at ease. They know that whether new facilities are added, volumes increase, seasonal risk adjustments or HEDIS requests arise, or workflow automation and EMR integration is required for optimization, MRO has the solution.


Are you dealing with an exceptionally high volume of requests? Are you able to keep the staff you need to manage the volume? Is your vendor providing industry leading expert support for you and the team processing your requests? Does your vendor have the latest technology to automate processes and identify comingled records? Are you worried that quality is not where it should be, and you could be susceptible to a breach of protected health information (PHI)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consult with us:


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