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MRO offers a suite of interfaces between our Release of Information (ROI) solution, ROI Online®, and a healthcare organization’s information technology systems to enhance ROI workflows through automation.

These interfaces, collectively known as MROeLink, improve efficiency and reduce errors:

  • MPI patient lookup: Enables health information management (HIM) staff to electronically access patient identifiers, demographics and encounter history directly within the MRO ROI Online platform, eliminating the need for copying or retyping information.
  • Request documentation archiving: Sends ROI request documentation, such as cover letters and patient authorizations, to the hospital’s enterprise document management (EDM) system, so that the hospital can retain a copy without having to scan the documentation into two systems.
  • Epic ROI module interface: Automatically synchronizes requester information and delivery status between ROI Online and Epic’s ROI module. This synchronization includes MPI patient lookup and request documentation archiving, plus the following items:
    • Record uploader: Moves patient records from the hospital network into the ROI Online system, streamlining the export process, bypassing EMR print server delays and minimizing the need to repeatedly switch between systems.
    • Clinical document extraction: Facilitates the sharing of CCD or C-CDA structured content by leveraging clinical document repository (CDR) standards. Use cases include sending discrete medical data to requesters preferring to receive data in this format, including providers, payers and Disability Determination Services (DDS).