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Mission, Vision & Values

About Us

MRO’s Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

MRO’s mission is to disclose the right Protected Health Information (PHI) to the right requesters in a secure and compliant fashion, with an unwavering focus on client success.

Our Vision

MRO’s vision is to transform the way health information is used and exchanged through innovation, technology and unparalleled service.

Our Values

MRO is committed to being the trusted PARTNER for PHI disclosure management. Our core values are not just MRO’s philosophy; they are what our clients and employees experience every day.


It all starts with our people. MRO’s values are driven by employees who are passionate about serving others and providing value to our clients. At MRO, we are propelled by a zeal for excellence and client satisfaction. We love what we do.


MRO’s team takes great pride in our work. Our employees maintain the highest standards of integrity, ownership, work ethic, quality focus and service excellence. We have people and processes you can count on.


MRO respects clients’ needs, goals and expectations. We work with our client partners and each other in a spirit of cooperation, goodwill and understanding. When you interact with an MRO representative, you can expect a genuine, caring and empathetic response.


MRO is dedicated to being transparent with our clients and delivering on our promises. We put our clients’ needs first. You can count on MRO to represent your organization in the best light, through high levels of commitment, competence and professionalism.


Our team works in a dynamic and nurturing environment that provides the necessary tools to building the best and brightest staff. MRO invests in industry-leading education and training, and fosters career advancement.  We promote a culture that inspires our employees to be the best they can be.


Great isn’t good enough at MRO. We aim to exceed expectations in all that we do. MRO is driven to be the nimble, responsive and proactive partner that delivers only the highest levels of quality, accuracy and innovation.


MRO is the partner and employer of choice, and our reputation precedes us.  We are honored to be the acknowledged industry leader for PHI disclosure management solutions.