Release of information (ROI), also termed PHI (protected health information) disclosure management, has been and will continue to be a fundamental HIM function. We’ve upheld dominion of ROI through decades of organizational centralization, mergers and acquisitions, and payer audit and review programs.

However, with added pressures for greater efficiency and accuracy, new requirements for the ROI function have emerged, leading many HIM departments to reevaluate their priorities, strategies, staffing, and budgets. These include the following:

• larger volumes of government and commercial payer audits;

• increased risks for privacy and security breaches; and

• greater sensitivity and demand for patient satisfaction and their rights to PHI under HIPAA.

To understand how HIM leaders are balancing these multiple challenges, MRO commissioned a national survey by Porter Research, an independent market intelligence and research group focused on HIT. The findings provide valuable perspectives for HIM departments to consider and assess as they move into the 2020 budget and planning season. Below are three key areas to know.