During the week of November 11, 2019, I visited Capitol Hill with colleagues from the Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services (AHIOS) to address concerns regarding patient access to medical records. As many HIM professionals are aware, in February 2016 the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released guidance on patient access to health information that is being misused by third parties. During our time on Capitol Hill, we met with staffers from the offices of senators and state representatives of both parties to voice our opinions.

Protected Health Information: Help Make a Difference in Patient-Directed Requests

While this trip to Washington, D.C. was very successful, we will continue to make many trips in 2020 to voice our concerns to policymakers. One critical takeaway is that constituents (both hospitals and patients) need to reach out statewide to the people who can make a difference with regard to this issue. Constituents need to contact their senators and state representatives to express the struggles and hardships related to patient access in their respective states, growing privacy concerns, and in the case of hospitals, cost shifts back to your facility.

If a constituent’s state has a U.S. senator serving on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, then they should especially reach out to share their patient access concerns. MRO’s legal, privacy and compliance teams are available to all clients to assist in identifying HELP committee members, as well as other key senators and state representatives in their respective states.

Learn More About Protected Health Information

MRO is currently working alongside industry experts to make a difference on Capitol Hill.

To learn more about our visit and our 2020 initiatives, join me and my colleague, Rita Bowen, for our upcoming webinar by registering below.