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esMD Connectivity to CMS


esMD Connectivity to CMS

As a certified Health Information Handler (HIH), MRO equips healthcare organizations of all sizes with an electronic delivery solution for responding to the rising tide of post-payment audit requests from review contractors that work for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS).

MRO’s interface with the CMS esMD gateway enables access with the following auditors:

  • Medicare Recovery Auditors (formerly called RACs)
  • Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs)
  • Comprehensive Error Testing Contactors (CERTs)
  • Payment Error Rate Measurement Contractors (PERMs)

Using esMD for these audit requests, providers can expect quicker payment turnarounds. In fact, according to CMS, providers have reported turnarounds as soon as six days when using esMD, as opposed to three weeks through the paper-based audit process. esMD also reduces labor and shipping costs associated with paper processes, further improving financial performance.

As of March 2016, more than 1.7 million medical records have been submitted via esMD to Medicare Review Contractors.