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Disclosure Solutions

Disclosure Solutions

What is Disclosure Management?

In the days of paper records, the role of a healthcare provider’s health information management (HIM) department was to maintain medical records and fulfill requests for copies of the records through a release-of-information (ROI) process that was often classified as a basic copy service. Over the past decade, the introduction of HIPAA and the HITECH Act, and a general migration from paper to electronic processes has changed the way healthcare organizations deliver, track and manage disclosure of protected health information (PHI). In today’s rapidly evolving regulatory and technologically-driven climate, the role of HIM has expanded beyond performing solely ROI, and it requires the utilization of specialized services for what MRO has branded “PHI disclosure management.”

MRO’s Disclosure Management Solutions

As a leader in disclosure management solutions, MRO partners with healthcare organizations to solve the challenge of protected health information (PHI) disclosure with release-of-information (ROI), payer audit compliance and tracking, and accounting of disclosures (AOD). To provide an enterprise-wide solution for disclosure management, MRO’s offerings can be deployed as a common tracking platform across the healthcare entity, including HIM, radiology, the business office, outpatient clinics and numerous other departments.

  • Release-of-Information – Partnering with MRO helps healthcare organizations manage and maintain control over the ROI process, improve HIM departmental processes and achieve a higher level of compliance oversight. Our web-based solution, ROI Online®, can be delivered through a variety of service delivery models, including Staffed, Shared, Remote or a customized workflow process that suits their individual organization’s needs.
  • Payer Audit Compliance and Tracking – MRO offers comprehensive compliance services while processing payer audit requests (including RAC), and provides esMD electronic delivery to CMS via MRO’s connection to the NwHIN. For audit tracking and reporting, MRO also offers an affordable payer audit management program AUDITRENDS® Online.
  • Accounting of Disclosures – MRO’s AOD Online™ enables healthcare organizations to enforce disclosure policies and track, manage and report disclosures across the entire healthcare enterprise. This includes disclosures made for purposes of Treatment, Payment and Operations. Additionally, a breach assessment tool to help the organization determine if a breach has occurred is embedded in MRO’s AOD application.