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Disclosure Integrity and Distribution


Disclosure Integrity and Distribution

MRO’s Disclosure Integrity and Distribution team provides the highest levels of quality when disseminating Protected Health Information (PHI), including multiple layers of quality checks, so clients can be confident they are HIPAA-compliant.

The Disclosure Integrity and Distribution team implements MRO’s industry-leading Quality Assurance (QA) program, which includes:

  • “Assigning” team providing a second set of eyes on every request processed through MRO’s National Service Center:
    • Ensuring every request and authorization meets federal regulatory requirements.
    • Validating and confirming all communications and records are directed to correct recipient.
    • Sending deficiency notices for any problems that arise.
  • Disclosure Integrity team preforming additional QA checks:
    • Utilizing IdentiScan® , MRO’s cutting-edge, proprietary record integrity software, powered by optical character recognition (OCR) technology, to assist in identifying comingled records.
  • Distribution team providing additional quality checks during the shipping process of physical records:
    • Incorporating a barcoding system into the printing batch integrity workflow to maintain shipping integrity and accuracy of the destination address, shipment labeling and shipment priority.