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Client Testimonials



“When meeting with MRO for the first time, they offered insight into our Release of Information (ROI) system, and immediately addressed a need to take an enterprise-wide approach to disclosure management. In follow-up conversations, we saw how willing MRO was to answer questions and provide a deeper dive into their service. One of the things that was very helpful during the vetting and implementation process was that MRO came to the table with solutions to problems we did not even know we had. Since partnering with MRO, our ROI has been improved and enhanced with MRO’s advanced technologies like IdentiScan, a robust Quality Assurance program and their knowledge for process improvement.”

Patsy H. Raworth, RHIA

Director of Health Information Management, RAC Coordinator, Privacy Officer
Mississippi Baptist Health System

“MRO’s system is great because all our requests are reviewed to help us keep HIPAA compliant. Release of Information can be “out of sight, out of mind” for us because we trust MRO to deliver. In fact, we sometimes forget about them because we don’t have any problems. MRO stands behind every request, and we have never encountered a single issue with their service. Very minimal training for our staff is required because the MRO system is easily manageable, and customer service has been awesome when we’ve needed help or support.”

Betsy Forsythe

Compliance Auditor
University Orthopedics

“Collaboration between MRO’s implementation team and Sampson Regional Medical Center’s team allowed for a flawless setup of the MRO Release of Information platform. HIM staff was easily trained on the system. We have had a decrease in telephone calls awaiting records, because the turnaround time for this process is so efficient.”

Sharon McGraw, MS, RHIT

Director Health Information Management
Sampson Regional Medical Center

“We have a unique relationship with MRO. Our facility closed in February 2012, but we still needed to process Release of Information requests. We looked to MRO to help, and thankfully MRO’s functionality allowed us to work remotely and still be able to process those requests. MRO is cost efficient, with the ability to share ROI functions and monies collected. What we appreciate most is the simplicity of the ROI Online platform, and the ease it takes to respond to an invalid request. MRO consistently deploys upgrades to their ROI system, enhancing data entry, tracking and reporting.”

Jennifer Ruddy

Release of Information Consultant
Marian Community Hospital

“In the age of electronic Release of Information, we needed a company we could trust to be on the cutting edge of technology, to deliver our PHI in the most efficient and secure way possible. That is why we chose MRO. The training provided to the MRO staff is thorough and ongoing, providing us resources that are trustworthy and knowledgeable. We have received great support across the MRO management spectrum. The MRO employees are extremely helpful, and any time issues have arisen, they have always gone to bat for us and made sure those issues were resolved. Phone calls have decreased; and since switching from paper to electronic storage, the security, efficiency and turnaround time of requests have improved. MRO is an efficient, responsive and technologically aggressive company. They are constantly improving their products and are very receptive to providing us what we need. Their customer service skills are excellent.”

Kimberly Shay

HIM Manager
Bethesda North Hospital

“Prior to choosing MRO, we had problems with staffing and volumes. With MRO, the service is timely; the quality of work is great; and they are dependable when handling our requests. Not only is their ROI Online platform easy to use, the MRO staff members are awesome people. They are all outgoing, courteous, friendly and very good at what they do. They provide us double checks on the back end, offer us the technology and services we need, and give sincere attention to our needs. They carry over our ‘Mercy Touch’ mission into all they do.“

JoEllen Cook

Director HIM
Mercy Medical Center- Cedar Rapids Iowa

“With HIPAA and privacy playing such an important role in healthcare today, we are relieved to be working with such experts at MRO. I appreciate the resources readily available to us. Any grey area that may materialize on a request can be redirected to MRO for clarification. They take a great share of the responsibility and accountability for each request, and because of this the patients experience better turnaround times and all of their documentation needs are fulfilled.”

Kenneth P. Pugh Jr., RHIA

Director, Health Information Management
Sacred Heart Hospital

“MRO has top-of-the-line customer service with an unbelievable commitment to their clients. MRO’s communication is wonderful; the turnaround times are great; and MRO does everything they possibly can to help us solve any problem we may be experiencing, with the utmost professional demeanor. MRO has kept us up to date and helped improve our knowledge on all things ROI. Their team consists of experts, and their level of knowledge is outstanding. The MRO platform is also user friendly and clear-cut. All the information we need for a request is right at our finger tips, and the accounting of disclosures is wonderful too.”

Michelle Jackson

HIM Supervisor
The Christ Hospital

“After a thorough search for a Release of Information provider, we found everything we were looking for and more in MRO. I like to think of MRO as “ROI on steroids” because of the technology and forward-thinking MRO has brought to the process. Release of Information operations are now worry-free. The MRO staff is like our own staff and they are more than reliable. The ROI Online platform is also very convenient to use. It streamlines the ROI process, especially with time sensitive releases. MRO uses automation to reduce the issues around releasing records. This automation makes everything more secure and efficient.”

Angela Whitley

Vice President HIM
Mercy Health System – PA

“MRO’s staff is extremely efficient and well-trained. We have seen a significant reduction in call volume and our turnaround times have greatly improved as well. With MRO, we have received various compliments on our superior customer service and that was previously a rare occurrence. I would honestly say that this is the best ROI vendor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The implementation was smooth and the application is very friendly, with superior reporting capabilities.”

Linda Bugdanowitz

HIM Consultant

“We trust and know we can rely on MRO. Since we began using MRO’s services, our workflow has improved tremendously, and we have been able to reduce required FTEs. I truly appreciate the seamlessness of the process and how MRO takes the compliance burden off of our shoulders. MRO keeps abreast of compliance issues and keeps us informed about them. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. When it comes to troubleshooting, everyone we communicate with at the corporate office is professional, supportive and happy to lend a helping hand.”

Janet Brier

Practice Administrator
Professional Orthopedic Associates

“Choosing MRO as a vendor was a great decision. With our old system, there was no way to track information effectively— information would get lost in the mix and we had numerous complaints and constant phone calls. With MRO, we’ve seen a large decrease in calls and an increase is customer satisfaction. The best part is having the capability to release records through a portal, which has increased our efficiencies. MRO excels in terms of professionalism and communication. We appreciate the weekly calls to check in and to provide us with turnaround information, the availability of management when we need to communicate with them and our monthly reports from MRO. I recommend their services to all my colleagues in the industry.”

Cheryl Seller

HIM Director
Mercy Nazareth Hospital

“MRO has lived up to all of their promises and more. Before we transitioned to MRO, we used to receive complaints. Since implementing MRO, the workflow has improved tremendously, our turnaround times have decreased, and we have not received one complaint. We were also provided direct access to MRO leadership that could assist with troubleshooting, should we ever encounter any issues. MRO’s service takes the burden off of the practices and has offered us peace of mind. We don’t have the bandwidth to spend a lot of time on ROI, and with MRO we don’t have to worry about it. I highly recommend MRO’s services to my peers within the industry.”

Janet Krane

Director of Operations
Crescent City Physicians

“MRO’s business model for the entire ROI workflow process is outstanding and fits exactly what we were looking for. The ROI Online platform is very transparent and easy to use. MRO implements state-of-the-art and cutting edge technology to meet the needs of all involved, both the hospital and patients. MRO has been a huge benefit for us. We’ve seen a massive decrease in phone calls, and we’ve been alleviated of other burdensome tasks that are affiliated with the ROI process. MRO’s software and workflow processes are above the rest!”

Ken Maiorana

HIM Director
Tidelands Health

“We feel like we’ve won the lottery with MRO! The transition to MRO was so simple. It has been seamless, and I am very pleased with the staff. MRO is very efficient at what they do, and their professionalism is impressive.”

Mary Ann Disque

HIM Manager
Diagnostic Clinic

“MRO’s platform is very user-friendly. Updating users and running reports is very easy. Plus, MRO offers great support. They are exceptionally responsive, thorough, and knowledgeable. Leveraging their back office services, such as having their call center handle our status calls, has greatly improved efficiencies. The practice managers at our clinics are always telling me that they can’t believe that it is this easy to deal with Release of Information now.”

Kyle Rife

Operations Specialist
Mercy Health Physicians

“In all of the years that HVHS has partnered with MRO for Release of Information, MRO has continuously provided great service and technology. They are knowledgeable regarding legal issues, help guide us when our staff has questions or concerns, and also meet our requests for on-site visits to spend time with our staff. MRO pays attention to the details, gives us individualized attention, and has successfully assisted us in the improvement of our workflow. Additionally, MRO’s software ROI Online is user friendly and provides valuable reporting. MRO and their team have not disappointed!”

Tina Wood, RHIT

Manager Medical Records/ Transcription
Heritage Valley Health System (HVHS)

“It has truly been a great period transitioning to MRO! Their staff has shown exemplary professionalism and have openly shared their knowledge and expertise.”

Shireena Williams, RHIT

Assistant Director of Health Information Services
Tidelands Health

“Payer audit management can be extremely complex. With the large number of cases coming and going, it’s clear that an excel spreadsheet just wouldn’t be able to cut it. In fact, it would be an unmanageable process without a reliable, inclusive system like MRO’s AUDITRENDS Online, The fact that we’ve already partnered with MRO for years to handle release-of-information processing is just gravy on top.”

Laura Van Yush, RN

RAC Coordinator, Medical Records
DeKalb Medical

“After utilizing MRO’s ROI Online services, I can’t imagine trying to process ROI any other way. The technology is simple to use and lets my staff be very productive. The level of communication and quality assurance provided by MRO’s staff is unprecedented and gives us a great level of confidence that our releases are being handled in our best interests. These people are not just going through the motions. Partnering with MRO has enabled us to move our ROI operation from the Flintstones to the Jetsons.”

Dale Bisset

Director of Health Information Management
Meadville Medical Center

“We could not be more pleased with our decision to partner with MRO. MRO’s customer support is excellent; they truly believe this is a partnership. Having been an outsourced shop for many years, we were anxious about making the conversion, but with MRO’s guidance we were able to recruit a stellar staff. With ROI Online and our electronic record, we have an efficient and easy to use way of managing our release of information process. We are also particularly pleased with MRO’s RAC tracking program, which integrates seamlessly with ROI Online. And to top it off, we receive revenue each month!”

Ron McCranie

Director of Health Information Management
Dekalb Medical Center

“Making the switch to MRO has enabled us to significantly upgrade our ROI function. The staff really likes the software and the service has been great. The installation and training process was the smoothest I’ve ever seen.”

Linda Winebrenner

Director, Health Information Management
Western Maryland Health System

“Implementing MRO’s service eliminated our need to use an on-site vendor, allowed us to take control of our ROI function and generate revenue. My staff enjoys working with the ROI Online system and we’ve been able to streamline our ROI process and improve customer service. The installation was so efficient, I barely knew the MRO team was on-site during our go-live week!”

Janet Willenborg

Manager, Health Information Management
Jewish Hospital

“ROI Online enabled us to take control of our release-of-information process and improve customer service to our requesters while generating a source of revenue. We previously outsourced the ROI function but were never completely comfortable with the idea of a 3rd party determining what information from our patient’s records should be released. We were also uncomfortable with the fact that the service only came once per week were concerned with turnaround. Implementing ROI Online alleviates our concerns and generates revenue without adding work for our staff.”

Linda Thoms

Sun Orthopaedic Group

“With MRO’s AUDITRENDS Online, I can run my reports to look at all different types of audits, not just the RAC or Medicaid. That way, you can see trends you might miss if just looking at one payer.”

Wendy Trout

Director of Corporate Compliance and Revenue Management
WellSpan Health

“Prior to utilizing ROI Online, we were processing requests in-house, which left us swamped with requester status calls and a significant backlog. ROI Online has enabled us to maintain efficient turnaround times, decrease our correspondence labor by 50% and receive more revenue than we did when the process was in-house!”

Jamie McDonough

Director of Health Information Systems
Jameson Health System

“The MRO system has streamlined our ROI process and the volume of inbound requestor calls has dropped significantly since we started with MRO. Many of our requests can be fulfilled without scanning the paper chart because the MRO system can import electronic documents directly into the release workflow, such as previously scanned records or reports stored in our Clinical Information System. MRO has also been able to provide customized reporting and tracking features for our department.”

Nancy Walborn, RHIA

Former Director of Health Information Management
AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

“I would recommend this product to every physician’s office that receives requests to release private health information. The service has been very helpful and I have answers to all my questions in a timely manner. In fact, I spend less time dealing with ROI now than when I used a traditional vendor.”

Betsy Forsythe, RHIT

Manager, Medical Records
University Orthopedics Center

“Implementing ROI Online has enabled us to take the front end portion of our correspondence process back in-house. MRO handles all the back end billing, collections, fulfillment and requester relation functions and shares the collected revenue with us monthly. I would recommend ROI Online to any hospital that has ever considered taking their correspondence in-house. We’ve been able to implement the system without having to add any FTE’s!”

Maggie Chung, RHIA

Former Director, Health Information Management
Kennedy Health System

“We decided to take our ROI in-house using ROI Online. Because we recently stopped printing reports from our EMR that would have been loose filing, we felt comfortable accepting the responsibility to process the front-end portions of the correspondence function. However, we were wary of taking on the billing, collections, mailing, and customer service duties. ROI Online let us take control of the process without having to add labor. My associates were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which we were able to implement the system. The support and training provided during our transition and the level of communication with the MRO staff has been exceptional. ROI Online has given us a more effective way to run our correspondence function!”

Dolores Stephens, MS, RHIT

Director, HIM and Privacy Coordinator
St. Agnes Hospital

“Implementing ROI Online has enabled my staff to increase productivity while maintaining a high level of compliance in regard to the release-of-information function. MRO also communicates pro-actively with requestors which has greatly reduced the amount of in-bound status calls we receive, creating efficiency and a less stressful environment. Because MRO enables our business office to receive their requests online we spend less time having to pull charts for duplicate requests. The level of communication and service we receive from MRO has been outstanding and I would recommend ROI Online to any hospital that receives a significant volume of ROI requests.”

Cindy Creavey, RHIA

Director of Health Information Management
The John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

“MRO has done a great job of tailoring their services to meet our changing needs. They have been very responsive and are a valued partner. MRO is an important part of our compliance program, for both responding to requests for copies of records and helping us manage the flow of inbound pages to be filed into our medical records.”

Nicole Forbes

Compliance Director
The Rothman Institute