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Chart Online®


Chart Online®

Chart Online offers secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based storage of patient charts with free retrievals. With this document management platform, you benefit from instant and simultaneous access to medical records, significant cost savings versus paper-based systems and enhanced record security.

This scalable and intuitive document management system lets healthcare professionals capture, index and securely upload documents, such as paper-based medical records, to MRO’s centralized data center for easy storage and retrieval. The database can be synchronized via ADT or HL7 feed.

Chart Online provides a variety of ways to capture documents, including bulk scanning, loose element scanning, electronic attachments and inbound fax. Document indexing can be performed either manually or through the use of bar codes. And, you can fax documents directly from the patient chart to authorized third parties.

MRO offers easy, rapid deployments of Chart Online with minimal hardware and software costs, plus no software upgrade costs of obsolescence issues.