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MRO Celebrates its Foundational Roots of Customer Service by Taking Part in National Customer Service Week

MRO’s team is proud and excited to celebrate National Customer Service Week during the week of October 2, 2017. We gladly give special recognition to our team members who are directly involved in servicing our greatest resource: our customers.

All of our team members are involved in client service and satisfaction to some degree, regardless of function or job title, as we strive to live up to our Mission, Vision and Values as an organization. This year’s theme for National Customer Service Week—“Building Trust”—perfectly aligns with our core value of Trust.

MRO’s Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission
MRO’s mission is to disclose the right Protected Health Information (PHI) to the right requesters in a secure and compliant fashion, with an unwavering focus on client success.

Our Vision
MRO’s vision is to transform the way health information is used and exchanged through innovation, technology and unparalleled service.

Our Values
MRO is committed to being the trusted PARTNER for PHI disclosure management. Our core values are not just MRO’s philosophy; they are what our clients and employees experience every day.

It all starts with our people. MRO’s values are driven by employees who are passionate about serving others and providing value to our clients. At MRO, we are propelled by a zeal for excellence and client satisfaction. We love what we do.

MRO’s team takes great pride in our work. Our employees maintain the highest standards of integrity, ownership, work ethic, quality focus and service excellence. We have people and processes you can count on.

MRO respects clients’ needs, goals and expectations. We work with our client partners and each other in a spirit of cooperation, goodwill and understanding. When you interact with an MRO representative, you can expect a genuine, caring and empathetic response.

MRO is dedicated to being transparent with our clients and delivering on our promises. We put our clients’ needs first. You can count on MRO to represent your organization in the best light, through high levels of commitment, competence and professionalism.

Our team works in a dynamic and nurturing environment that provides the necessary tools to building the best and brightest staff. MRO invests in industry-leading education and training, and fosters career advancement.  We promote a culture that inspires our employees to be the best they can be.

Great isn’t good enough at MRO. We aim to exceed expectations in all that we do. MRO is driven to be the nimble, responsive and proactive partner that delivers only the highest levels of quality, accuracy and innovation.

MRO is the partner and employer of choice, and our reputation precedes us.  We are honored to be the acknowledged industry leader for PHI disclosure management solutions.

Celebrating Service Excellence
At MRO, we function as one, collaborative, excellence-driven structure. We work to fulfill the needs of our clients and requesters of PHI. Additionally, those who seek to obtain information from our client partners should expect their questions and concerns answered and addressed timely and informatively, all while effective and efficient request fulfillment remains our top priority.

Please join us in recognizing service professionals around you!

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Investing in tomorrow’s workforce leaders

As leaders in our industry and community, it is important that we invest in our future leaders. At MRO, one of our core values is “nurture,” because we are dedicated to providing the necessary tools, training and education to build the best and brightest staff and to foster career advancement.

MRO recently had the opportunity to share this piece of our culture with a group of nine talented college teams from Pennsylvania-based colleges through sponsoring a business case challenge hosted at Penn State’s Abington campus, just north of Philadelphia. The challenge was to analyze a case study and develop recommendations to grow an anonymous company. The company was actually MRO hidden behind the pseudonym “HIPCO.”

As both CEO for MRO and a Penn State graduate, I especially enjoyed being able to participate first-hand in the challenge. As described in the article published on the university’s website, I tried my best to be an “undercover boss” and anonymously observe the students’ presentations. However, by the time the second group shared their material, I knew that I would need to reveal myself after the presentations concluded in order to provide important feedback.

As I watched the teams make presentations about MRO, I was struck by the level of commitment to their research and their ability to present the findings in a clear and concise fashion. In fact, I was impressed enough to invite the winning team from Temple University to meet with the MRO senior management team to discuss their career goals and objectives.

I also shared some career advice with them, and I’ll share it here for any students or recent grads reading my post today: “Don’t get caught up in what your job title and money are now. Work for a company that affords you the opportunity to live and grow.”

As I reflect on the event, I feel good about our future leaders and will continue to support their development. This investment in the future is aligned with MRO’s commitment to training and education, one of MRO’s critical pillars of success.

In addition to being an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, MRO is also independent research company KLAS’ #1 rated provider of Release of Information solutions for healthcare providers. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we take pride in the dedication and contribution each employee makes to ensure client satisfaction. Read what some of our team members have to say about working at MRO.

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