Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) is one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers. The auto pioneer himself founded it in 1915 to serve Detroit autoworkers. The group has since grown into an integrated health system employing more than 30,000 full-time workers and handling millions of patient visits a year.

HFHS Partners with MRO for Release of Information

To better meet the needs of its patients, HFHS turned to MRO for outsourcing Release of Information (ROI) more than a decade ago. HFHS was one of MRO’s early clients, and we’re proud that they are still a client today. Over the years, we have continued to evolve our Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management services to meet the changing needs of our clients. A recent example is the implementation of MROeLink®, an interface between MRO’s ROI Online® platform and HFHS’s Epic medical records software. With the interface in place, our client has realized notable productivity improvements.

Watch the video below to hear Sheila Bowlds, Director of HIM and Hospital Coding at Henry Ford Health System, share why HFHS continues to partner with MRO, including some details around our MROeLink Epic integration.


Hi, my name’s Sheila Bowlds, and I am the Director of HIM and Hospital Coding at Henry Ford Health System.

Henry Ford Health System is a large health system located with its main campus in Detroit, Michigan, with about an 800-bed hospital there. In addition to that, there are four other acute care hospitals located in the southeastern Michigan area, along with several clinics. In addition to that, there is a detox hospital and also a mental health hospital.

Henry Ford Health System has been with MRO for approximately 13 years. We were one of the initial customers, and I’ve only been at Henry Ford Health System for a year and a half. I’ve had very good experiences with MRO. We have a Shared Services relationship with MRO, where our staff do the inputting of the authorizations and then also the pushing out of the documents to MRO. Then, MRO does the rest of the release, handles anything in the call center, does all the billing and takes care of all that business for us.

I came from a health system where everything was done internally. So, working with MRO, when a patient has a question, they call MRO, and MRO handles it very positively. With any issues that come up, MRO is very attentive in taking care of any of those issues.

We did just initiate MROeLink. The MROeLink has been a really great success for our health system, and the MROeLink has improved the turnaround time because it’s the technology that can be used with that. And the request can be input more quickly because there is an interface with Epic that can pull across the demographic information; and then, also when they’re working on the releases, they can work on multiple releases at one time rather than having to wait. So, I think it’s just been a really good success.

Henry Ford Health System continues to partner with MRO because it’s been a long-standing relationship— a very positive relationship. It’s very collaborative, so whenever we have something that we need, we feel free to contact MRO. And, they’re always very attentive to anything that is needed.

The top reasons I would recommend MRO is that we have a very collaborative relationship with MRO, and that we use the Shared Services model which our staff can still control what is being sent out to the patient or to the requester, and MRO will take care of all the back office business that’s needed for those releases. They take care of all the call centers, all the billing and all the mailing. There’s also the technology from them that they can push out in a different type of file or we wouldn’t have that type of capability.

We have a very good relationship with MRO. I do feel like it is a very team oriented type of a relationship, and that they’re very attentive. They provide education to my staff. They’re very up on any new Release of Information type of regulations that come up. And, they help guide us also in that type of release and making sure we’re up to date on everything.

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