Privacy breaches are one of the greatest threats facing healthcare systems today. To curb the rising tide of breaches, MRO will give a Product World presentation at the upcoming AHIMA16 convention in Baltimore, covering eight tips to minimize breach in Release of Information (ROI). Some of these tips include enhancing workflows with multiple Quality Assurance (QA) steps and exceptional people.

Multiple Quality Assurance Steps

Introducing multiple QA steps into the ROI workflow is key to minimizing breach. QA steps should include multiple checks on ROI authorization forms, as well as on the Protected Health Information (PHI) itself before being released. Using a record integrity application – like MRO’s IdentiScan®, which uses optical character recognition technology to “read” every page of records before they are released – puts a second set of eyes on records to catch human error.

Another way to drive accuracy is by adding shipping integrity QA checks. Implementing systems such as barcoding to prevent double stuffing of envelopes will ensure the right records are sent to the right requesters.

Exceptional People

A perfectly designed workflow will not work without great people, however. Hiring the right employees is the first step, and training them in privacy and security best practices is paramount. Programs like the Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services’ (AHIOS) Certified Release of Information Specialist (CRIS) testing help warrant that employees are highly trained, while regular desk audits and phishing exercises ensure employees are compliant with security policies and procedures. Additionally, regular retraining ensures employees stay up-to-date on best practices and regulations.

For additional insight into MRO’s workflow and to explore our eight tips for breach prevention, sign up to attend our Product World presentation at the AHIMA Convention.

To learn how MRO’s ROI workflow boosts accuracy rates to 99.99 percent using a combination of cutting-edge technology and exceptional people, watch the video below.