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MRO Celebrates Health Information Professionals Week









During Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week, MRO enjoys celebrating our Health Information Management (HIM) partners and staff, who perform their duties masterfully throughout the year. We have the pleasure of working with the industry’s most dedicated professionals whose expertise upholds high standards of integrity.

With appreciation for this year’s HIP Week theme “Health Information Professionals Driven by Health Data,” MRO affirms its commitment to protecting client data. This core responsibility is reflected in our recent HITRUST CSF Certification and SOC 2 Type II audit.

MRO’s expert Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management teams equip our HIM partners with the safeguards, services and resources needed to sustain a superior reputation for compliance, service quality and patient satisfaction. Resources include guidance from renowned industry experts, along with passionate teams of Release of Information (ROI) specialists eager to provide high levels of customer care.

HIM’s Everyday Heroes

At MRO, our mission is simple. We aim to share the right PHI with the right requesting parties, in the most compliant, efficient and secure way. And, we do more than share medical records. We make a difference in the lives of patients—sometimes we even save lives.

The work of HIM matters, especially Release of Information. Proper ROI enables better coordination of care, helps patients secure disability benefits, and supports patients through insurance claims or lawsuits when medical records are required. The fast and accurate sharing of medical records can make a lasting impact for a patient in need.

Many MRO employees have been recognized as personal heroes to patients and other requesters of health information whom we have had the privilege of helping. They email us, send cards and gifts, and make phone calls to share their positive experiences with MRO. We regularly highlight these exceptional HIM professionals in an employee development and recognition program fittingly called MRO’s “Everyday Heroes.” We are proud to have our heroes serving over 8,500 healthcare locations and their patients across the U.S.

HIM Expert Resources

HIM leaders at many of the nation’s top health systems trust and rely on MRO’s KLAS-rated #1 Release of Information services and team of renowned experts. Our leadership team was skillfully assembled to provide our HIM partners with the best guidance and support possible, as together we navigate the complex world of compliant PHI disclosure.

Throughout the next year, you will have the opportunity to learn more about MRO’s experts in advertisements appearing on the back cover of the Journal of AHIMA. Each issue will feature a different expert resource provided to MRO clients.

Just released, the April issue of the Journal features MRO’s Rita Bowen, MA, RHIA, CHPS, CHPC, SSGB, Vice President of Privacy, Compliance and HIM Policy. An HIM superstar and Past President of AHIMA, Rita has over 40 years of experience and expertise. She and her team empower HIM professionals through consultative reviews of PHI disclosure policies and procedures, privacy analytics, and a variety of HIPAA compliance resources and tools. Be sure to check out each issue of the Journal and visit our accompanying website to learn more about MRO’s HIM experts.

2019 Webinars: Supporting Your HIM Continuing Education

To support the ongoing education of MRO’s clients, our many credentialed employees, and all HIM professionals, we recently launched a complimentary PHI disclosure management webinar series, led by our industry experts.

The series consists of four sessions throughout 2019, each pre-approved by AHIMA for one CEU in the privacy and security domain.

Wednesday, April 10

The Rising Tide of Payer Requests for Medical Records: How to Shore Up Your Defense >>Register

Thursday, June 27

Enterprise-wide Disclosure Management: Closing the Compliance Gaps >>Register

Wednesday, August 14

Cybersecurity in Health IT: Trends and Tips for Safeguarding PHI >>Register

Wednesday, November 13

Clearing the Confusion: Attorney Misuse of Patient-Directed Record Requests and How to Cope >>Register

Happy HIP Week

We hope all Health Information Professionals enjoy this special week. Thank you to our clients and our employees for all that you do, and Happy HIP Week from all of us at MRO!

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MRO Is Top Performer in 2018 KLAS Report that Compares Release of Information Vendors

In September 2018, KLAS published the performance report “Release of Information 2018: Who Delivers Most Consistently Across Customers?” With a track record of being the KLAS “Category Leader” for ROI, as designated in 2013-2018 “Best in KLAS” reports, we were eager to dig into the latest research to see if MRO had again received the highest performance ratings.

We were not disappointed. I’m pleased to report that KLAS named MRO the overall highest performing ROI services vendor, outperforming the two other vendors included in the report. Only three ROI service providers had statistically adequate client bases to be included.

Key Findings: 2018 Release of Information KLAS Report

Key findings centered on MRO’s ROI services are:

  • On a 100-point scale, MRO’s reported overall performance score is 90.4.
  • MRO’s performance ratings for overall satisfaction, quality of service staff and turnaround time are rated highest among the vendors.
  • MRO is noted as the consistent high performer and well-rounded firm with good communication, good employees and strong delivery of ROI services.
  • 95 percent of MRO’s clients say they would hire the company again, a percentage much higher than the other vendors.
  • MRO has the proven scalability to meet large client needs and implementations.

As I read through the report, it was apparent that quality is a key theme related to MRO’s services. Our “top notch employees and outstanding customer service” are highlighted, and KLAS’s research finds that MRO clients appreciate the responsiveness of our customer service, especially the ease of speaking with someone when needed.

Reflecting a bit, I felt the emphasis on high-quality service within this report echoed findings in the last KLAS report to feature a deep dive into ROI: “HIM Services Performance 2015: Coding, Transcription, Release of Information.” In the 2015 report, MRO was recognized for the best overall performance, highest quality and fastest turnaround times.

Since the 2015 HIM report was released, MRO has grown to be one of the largest ROI vendors, serving more than 7,500 locations nationwide. It is rewarding to see that our clients continue to recognize our work as the highest quality service in the industry as we continue to expand.

That brings me to another topic. Scalability. MRO’s ability to scale to provide quality ROI services to both large and small clients is also noted in the 2018 report. One surveyed HIM director said, “We don’t see any issues with MRO being able to scale to meet our needs. When we asked to amend our contract, we were asking for a couple of FTE equivalents, and since that time we have lost some key staff members. So, MRO is ready to expand. Our experiences with them have all been either very good or excellent. They are very reputable.”

I personally believe MRO client feedback provided to KLAS is a strong indicator of high-level client satisfaction. As we onboard more of the nation’s top health systems, we are making the necessary investments in technology and people to ensure we continue delivering the best service quality while meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

Video: MRO: KLAS-rated #1 for Release of Information

In 2012, MRO became the first rated vendor in KLAS’s Release of Information services market segment. Since then, MRO has been consistently rated #1 for ROI, and we closely monitor our performance scores to ensure MRO clients receive the best service possible.  Watch the video to learn more.

I am proud that MRO’s people, technology and uncompromising commitment to our clients’ success are recognized by KLAS, not only in relation to the other ROI vendors, but also on an objective performance scale.

To read more about KLAS’s research on Release of Information, complete the form below.

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MRO at the 90th Annual AHIMA Convention and Exhibit in Miami, FL

As we approach the 2018 AHIMA National Convention and Exhibit in Miami, held September 22-26, 2018 in Miami, MRO is very excited to exhibit and have the chance to mingle with our Health Information Management (HIM) partners and friends.

During exhibit hall hours, members of MRO’s leadership will be available at Booth 437 to discuss topics surrounding Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management, including industry trends, breach risk mitigation and MRO’s KLAS #1-rated Release of Information (ROI) solutions. We will also have a mentalist/magician performing in our booth on Monday and Tuesday, September 24 and 25.

Some other places you can find MRO during the convention include:

AHIMA’s Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Information Governance Institute

Saturday and Sunday, September 22-23
Miami Beach Convention Center, Art Deco Ballroom, Room 228 AB

AHIMA is committed to remaining the leader in privacy, cybersecurity, and Information Governance (IG) throughout healthcare. Because of this commitment and healthcare’s evolution—which requires continued education on the most current topics and trends in the industry—AHIMA’s annual Privacy and Security Institute is evolving. This year AHIMA is introducing the Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Information Governance (PCIG) Institute.

MRO is proud to sponsor this year’s PCIG Institute, and Rita Bowen, MA, RHIA, CHPS, CHPC, SSGB, Vice President of Privacy, Compliance and HIM Policy for MRO will participate in Sunday’s 10:55am – 11:45am Eastern panel discussion “Privacy and Security Competency Gaps: How to Navigate Your Way to Success.

Case Study for Business Office ROI: Yale New Haven Health

Monday, September 24
Miami Beach Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, Theater C
12:15pm – 1:05pm Eastern

Join Kim Charland, RHIT, CCS, Director of Revenue Cycle Services for MRO, and Cindy Zak, MS, RHIA, PMP, FAHIMA, Executive Director of Corporate HIM for Yale New Haven Health, for a presentation on exploring ways MRO’s Medical Record Attachment Services for the Business Office can help HIM leaders improve interdepartmental collaborative efforts to efficiently and compliantly fulfill ROI requests that support claim payments.

ROI Networking Roundtable

Monday, September 25
Miami Beach Convention Center, Room 209
3:30pm – 4:15pm Eastern

Attend the presentation “The Modern Age of ROI – Are You Up to Date?” to network with HIM peers and experts in the field, including MRO’s Rita Bowen and Angela Rose, MHA, RHIA, CHPS, FAHIMA, Vice President of Implementation Services. Bring to the table any issues or challenges faced in ROI and discuss best practices.

Educational Session: Project Management in HIM Implementations

Monday, September 25
Miami Beach Convention Center, Ocean Drive Ballroom A-D
4:30pm – 5:15pm Eastern

To learn best practices for utilizing project management skills in enterprise-wide HIM implementations, join Angela Rose and Emilie Sturm, Sr. Revenue Management Consultant for Trinity Health, for this exploratory session.


MRO has been exhibiting at this convention every year since 2004. In our 15th year at the event, we anticipate this to be our best year yet. I am looking forward to learning about the latest industry trends and being able to see and spend time with all our clients and friends in attendance. We hope to see you there!

Schedule a PHI disclosure management consultation at AHIMA.

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MRO Celebrates the 29th Health Information Professionals Week

2018 HIP Week

During Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week, MRO always enjoys celebrating the wonderful work of our Health Information Management (HIM) partners. It is an honor to work with these dedicated and hard-working professionals who perform their duties skillfully throughout the year.

MRO’s 2018 Healthcare Compliance Webinar Series Launches During HIP Week

To celebrate HIP Week and continue with our efforts to educate and support the HIM profession, MRO has launched a complimentary healthcare compliance webinar series. To show our appreciation, we would like to invite you to register and earn four AHIMA CEU’s on us.

This four-part series will cover these latest privacy, security and information governance trends impacting healthcare professionals:

  • Part 1: Compliance with the Global Data Privacy Rule (GDPR) and Privacy Shield 
    Thursday, March 22, 2018 – 2pm Eastern – Register Here.
  • Part 2: Healthcare Regulatory Updates and Guidance 
    Thursday, May 17, 2018 – 2pm Eastern – Register Here.
  • Part 3: Cybersecurity: Protecting your Healthcare Enterprise 
    Wednesday, August 15, 2018 – 2pm Eastern – Register Here.
  • Part 4: 2019 Healthcare Privacy and Security Compliance Predictions
    Wednesday, November 7, 2018 – 2pm Eastern – Register Here.

Looking Ahead: MRO’s Future is Bright

HIP Week’s theme “Our Future is Bright” is appreciated by MRO. As the HIM landscape evolves, we will continue to grow and adapt our services and technology to step up to the challenge. MRO is committed to delivering the highest levels of accuracy and quality while servicing healthcare organizations across the country with the best Release of Information solution available.

In the beginning of this year, MRO was named KLAS Category Leader for ROI services in the 2018 Best in KLAS report. This is the fifth consecutive year that MRO was rated #1, and another year in which our focus on service quality was recognized by KLAS. With each passing year, MRO continues to grow and advance because of the valued business, support and partnership we receive from our HIM partners. As we continue on this journey together, our future is indeed bright.

At MRO’s National Service Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania and across our client sites throughout the nation, we are all enjoying a week filled with festivities and celebrations for the HIM profession. We hope all Health Information Professionals are enjoying this special week, too. Thank you to our clients and our employees for all that you do, and Happy HIP Week from all of us at MRO!

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A Thanksgiving Message from the CEO of MRO

As I reflect during this year’s Thanksgiving season, I find it both gratifying and humbling to see the progress that MRO has made since our humble beginnings in 2002. We formed MRO on the premise that a better platform for Release of Information (ROI) could be built, and we continue to evolve and meet the demands of our changing industry.

This year marked the company’s 15th anniversary, and as a co-founder of the company, I have had the great honor and privilege of watching the organization evolve and grow. There have been both exciting and interesting times throughout MRO’s history, including major milestones that helped transform the organization into the industry-recognized leader for Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management. I would like to take a moment to thank all our clients, employees and partners for the company’s continued growth and success.

Highlights and Milestones for MRO in 2017 Include:

  • MRO was named the KLAS Category Leader in the Release of Information service category for the fourth year in a row. As the 2017 Category Leader, MRO was rated No. 1 for ROI with an overall performance score of 93.7 out of 100, an increase from 91.9 in the 2015/2016 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report. KLAS scores are weighted in the following key areas – sales and contracting, implementation and training, service and support, and general and overall services.
  • Our Patient Advocate program at MRO’s National Service Center won a Stevie®Award for innovation in customer service. The Patient Advocate program was initiated by MRO’s Client Support team in 2016 to elevate the PHI disclosure management company’s focus on patient satisfaction. The Patient Advocate team provides specialized support to patients requesting medical records from MRO’s client locations.
  • named MRO the No. 34 midsize company on a list of Top Workplaces in Philadelphia. Out of 14,000 companies in the Philadelphia area, only 125 companies made this prestigious list.
  • Inc. magazine named MRO one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation for the third year in a row. MRO’s appearance at No. 3988 on the annual list was a rare third showing after the company ranked No. 3903 in 2016, and 3290 in 2015.

We are proud to be recognized for our strong client and employee satisfaction scores as MRO grows, and we strive to continuously exceed expectations.

I’ll close with a note to our clients that it was great seeing so many of you at the recent AHIMA Convention in Los Angeles. Being at the convention this year only added to my sentiments as we had one of the larger booths in the exhibit hall. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were a first-time vendor with a small exhibit space and a handful of clients. I talk about MRO’s history exhibiting at the convention in the below video. Watch it to hear a funny story about our first time exhibiting!

2017 AHIMA Reflections Video: MRO’s History of Exhibiting

Our company’s success would not be possible without the contributions and support of so many people over the years, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Celebrating MRO’s 15th Anniversary

On May 1, 2017, MRO celebrated our 15th anniversary. As a co-founder of the company, I have had the great honor and privilege of watching the organization evolve and grow. There have been both exciting and interesting times throughout MRO’s history, including major milestones that helped transform the organization into the industry-recognized leader for Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management, including Release of Information (ROI).

Company History

When we formed MRO in 2002, our initial business plan was to design an easy-to-use document management application that could scan medical records into a burgeoning internet environment. This became Chart Online®. Along the way, we began looking at ROI, as typical ROI workflows were not efficient or convenient for requesters, and we believed we could build a better platform.

Over the course of time, we have used innovation, creativity and a passion for service excellence to build a leading platform for disclosure management. Some milestones follow.

15 Milestones in Health Information Management

1. The company was founded as Medical Records Online. We later changed to the acronym MRO – 2002

2. The Pennsylvania-based orthopedic care group Rothman Institute became MRO’s first ROI client – 2002

3. Delaware’s St. Francis Medical Center became MRO’s first hospital client – 2003

4. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, in southeast Pennsylvania, became the first client to use MRO’s staffed service model for ROI – 2004

5. Lehigh Valley Health Network became the first client to leverage MRO’s remote model for ROI services – 2005

6. MRO established a proprietary interface with the U.S. Social Security Administration for automating Disability Determination Services request processes – 2008

7. MRO became one of the first certified Health Information Handlers (HIHs) and participated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD) gateway pilot program – 2011

8. MRO became the first ROI company to be rated by KLAS. We went on to win the KLAS Category Leader designation for ROI, four years in a row! – 2012 through 2017

9. The company announced the launch of IdentiScan®, our record integrity application, which leverages optical character recognition technology to review documentation to locate and correct comingled records – 2013

10. Imperial Capital Group, Ltd. became the majority owner of MRO – 2014

11. We relocated our headquarters and National Service Center to a larger facility in historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – 2015

12. Inc. magazine named MRO one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation two years in a row – 2015 and 2016

13. MROeLink®, a suite of HIT integrations for automating ROI, was launched, offering Epic electronic health record (EHR) users integration capabilities to improve ROI efficiency and quality – 2016

14. Our Patient Advocate program was launched from MRO’s National Service Center to offer additional support to patient requesters. The program won a Stevie® Award for innovation in customer service – 2016 and 2017

15. named MRO the No. 34 midsize company on a list of Top Workplaces in Philadelphia – 2017

Congratulations to all MRO employees and clients who have participated in our 15-year adventure in Health Information Management! To learn about the pillars of MRO’s success, watch our video.

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MRO Celebrates Health Information Professionals Week

Healthcare organizations around the country are celebrating Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week, for which the theme this year is “Leading the way in quality data.” At MRO, we always enjoy honoring the great work of our Health Information Management (HIM) partners during this celebration week.

As part of MRO’s celebration of our own staff during HIP Week, we’ve launched a social media campaign to showcase MRO Everyday Heroes who make a difference in the lives of patients and other customers. You can learn more about our heroes by following MRO on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Additionally – and just in time for HIP Week – recently named MRO to their list of the 125 top workplaces in the Philadelphia area, based on responses to our annual employee survey. The survey noted MRO’s professional development and growth, career advancement opportunities, training and educational programs, our positive workplace environment and people.

Here’s what some of our employees had to say:

  • “Our company is focused on providing the highest level service to our clients and the patients they serve. The management staff operates with integrity and truly cares.”
  • “The training process at MRO is the best one I have ever experienced.”
  • “MRO provides a positive atmosphere and job opportunities, as well as open communication. Every day is a new learning experience.”
  • “My work is valued, and I am given opportunities for professional development and growth. This is an exciting place to work!”

At the MRO National Service Center in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and across our client sites throughout the nation, we are having fun celebrating HIP Week and thanking our employees for making MRO such a great place to work. We hope you are also enjoying the week of festivities and celebration of the HIM profession.

Thank you to our clients and our employees for all the masterful work you do.

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2016: A year of innovation and excellence

Collection of vintage glowing light bulbs on black

As the end of the year approaches, I would like to take a minute to reflect on 2016. It has been a successful year for MRO and our clients, characterized by service excellence, superior quality and continued innovation.


Our success has been validated by third-party organizations, and we were honored to receive various awards throughout the year. We are most excited that MRO was named KLAS Category Leader for Release of Information for the third year in a row (2013, 2014, 2015/2016), and we strive to continue into 2017 as the recognized leader. Additionally, Corporate LiveWire awarded MRO for “Innovation in Release of Information Services,” based on merit and accomplishments throughout the year.

Highlights of MRO’s accomplishments in 2016

Throughout the year, we provided ongoing client satisfaction and success through our unique solutions for Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management. Key highlights of 2016 innovations include:

New for 2016, MROeLink is a suite of health information technology integrations. At the core of MROeLink is a direct synchronization between MRO’s ROI Online® platform and Epic’s ROI module, which greatly improves ROI productivity, while enhancing quality and reducing errors.

MRO continued leveraging IdentiScan in 2016. IdentiScan is the company’s unique record integrity application, which uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to “read” PHI, locating and correcting comingled records before release. IdentiScan helps ensure the right records are sent to the right requesters, driving disclosure accuracy rates among MRO clients to an industry-leading 99.99 percent.

Patient Advocate Program
MRO launched the Patient Advocate Program in March to provide personalized care and fast-track issue resolution to deliver higher levels of customer service. The Patient Advocate provides empathetic and compassionate support to patients experiencing difficulty or confusion with the requesting process.

In closing, MRO is grateful to our clients, partners and employees for our collaborative efforts to improve the Health Information Management (HIM) industry and healthcare as a whole. Best wishes for ongoing success in the New Year.

Watch the video below to learn more about MRO’s three pillars of success: people, a client-focused culture and technology that enables higher levels of service.

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Investing in tomorrow’s workforce leaders

As leaders in our industry and community, it is important that we invest in our future leaders. At MRO, one of our core values is “nurture,” because we are dedicated to providing the necessary tools, training and education to build the best and brightest staff and to foster career advancement.

MRO recently had the opportunity to share this piece of our culture with a group of nine talented college teams from Pennsylvania-based colleges through sponsoring a business case challenge hosted at Penn State’s Abington campus, just north of Philadelphia. The challenge was to analyze a case study and develop recommendations to grow an anonymous company. The company was actually MRO hidden behind the pseudonym “HIPCO.”

As both CEO for MRO and a Penn State graduate, I especially enjoyed being able to participate first-hand in the challenge. As described in the article published on the university’s website, I tried my best to be an “undercover boss” and anonymously observe the students’ presentations. However, by the time the second group shared their material, I knew that I would need to reveal myself after the presentations concluded in order to provide important feedback.

As I watched the teams make presentations about MRO, I was struck by the level of commitment to their research and their ability to present the findings in a clear and concise fashion. In fact, I was impressed enough to invite the winning team from Temple University to meet with the MRO senior management team to discuss their career goals and objectives.

I also shared some career advice with them, and I’ll share it here for any students or recent grads reading my post today: “Don’t get caught up in what your job title and money are now. Work for a company that affords you the opportunity to live and grow.”

As I reflect on the event, I feel good about our future leaders and will continue to support their development. This investment in the future is aligned with MRO’s commitment to training and education, one of MRO’s critical pillars of success.

In addition to being an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, MRO is also independent research company KLAS’ #1 rated provider of Release of Information solutions for healthcare providers. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we take pride in the dedication and contribution each employee makes to ensure client satisfaction. Read what some of our team members have to say about working at MRO.

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