Background Summary

Ardent Health Services’ subsidiaries own and operate three health systems in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. After multiple unsuccessful Release of Information (ROI) services partnerships, Ardent’s HIM leadership looked for a reliable partner that could both respond to and process requests promptly, and also provide transparency and oversight to ensure that requests were compliantly fulfilled within Ardent’s turnaround policy.

Due to the differing HIM department structures at each of Ardent’s locations, their HIM leadership decided to leverage the flexibility of MRO’s shared and staffed ROI service models. This allows Ardent to use its own staff as well as MRO’s highly trained and experienced employees to maximize efficiency at each location. Although Ardent has a variety of staffing models for ROI, through their partnership with MRO, all facilities can rely on one centralized, enterprise-wide platform for tracking Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure.

Results of the partnership include standardizing PHI disclosure processes, complete and consistent disclosure policy enforcement, and improved oversight and visibility into each request.

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