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MRO Webinars | Drive Down Risk: New Strategies for Internal Audits

Dawn Crump, MRO
Susan Marre, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Wednesday, April 13, 2022

2pm EST

As payment integrity audits continue to increase, health systems must prioritize risk and be more proactive to ensure minimal losses in revenue. By focusing on internal revenue audits and coding accuracy, providers can effectively reduce revenue leakage. During this session, hear from experts on strategies to manage internal audits, including real-world examples and experiences to learn from. Attendees will identify ways to enhance their internal audit process for compliance improvement and risk, as well as analyze proven best practices implemented at an example provider organization to reduce risk and cost. Finally, they will walk away being able to define specific business intelligence data and analytics used to identify and resolve risks.

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Apr 13 2022


2:00 pm

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