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CHIA eHIM Symposium Presentation

Listen as our in-house expert Rita Bowen presents Amendment Process Within an Electronic Health Record. As more source systems are used to gather patient health information, the industry has seen an increase in data entry errors. These systems which may have been designed for workflow enhancements, have created some complications. This is especially true when the data collector is using a series of drop-down boxes to quickly enter patient history. With the advent of interoperability and patients utilizing their patient portal to obtain their health information, more requests for record amendments may be seen. The goal is to put the information in the hands of the patients so that they can better manage their own health. As patients become more savvy in understanding their own health information, they may also be more critical of errors noted within that documentation. It is imperative that Health Information Managers know how to process requests for record amendments, maintain that data for version control and assure that corrected information and/or stated appeals are appropriately indicated in the patient’s health record.

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Feb 02 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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