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Accounting of Disclosures


Accounting of Disclosures

Accounting for Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosures made from within a healthcare organization is challenging, particularly when PHI is disclosed from multiple hospital departments and ambulatory locations.

As we wait for the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to finalize the HITECH Act’s Accounting of Disclosures (AOD) rules, forward-thinking healthcare professionals have begun to explore solutions to get ahead of the curve for AOD.

By adding MRO’s AOD Online™ module to your PHI disclosure management process, you can achieve standardized policies and procedures for tracking and Accounting of Disclosures—and get a head start on driving compliance, today.

We understand that not every point of PHI disclosure within a healthcare enterprise requires our full Release of Information (ROI) solution, ROI Online®. With MRO’s supplementary AOD Online module, we offer an “ROI lite” solution through which you can track releases occurring outside of the HIM department, where visibility and accounting are required as part of an enterprise-wide disclosure management philosophy.

AOD Online provides a streamlined platform to capture all pertinent AOD tracking information. Organizations can use the module for documenting typical PHI disclosures, such as medical records, but also for less common disclosures, such as lists provided to federal, state and local public-health databases and registries, verbal gunshot wound notifications shared with law enforcement and releases occurring at remote sites.