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Accounting of Disclosures

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Accounting of Disclosures

MRO’s accounting of disclosures solutions enable healthcare providers to enforce disclosure policies and to track, manage and report disclosures across the entire healthcare enterprise. This includes disclosures made for purposes of Treatment, Payment and Operations (TPO). Through MRO’s secure technology, advanced reporting functionality, comprehensive workflow and quality assurance checks on each and every disclosure being sent through the system, healthcare organizations can have complete confidence in their compliance. MRO’s AOD Online™ application features an embedded breach assessment tool to help an organization determine if a breach has occurred.

Accounting of disclosures solutions from MRO provide:

  • Centralized, enterprise-wide database tracking and accessing for all departments
  • Full integration with MRO’s ROI Online® release-of-information system and services
  • Synchronization with master patient index (MPI) for easier data capture and restriction monitoring
  • Technology solutions to automatically capture disclosures
  • A customizable user interface allowing range of disclosure options
  • Advanced access reporting functionality
  • Tailored workflow programs for all disclosure formats, including paper, film, slides, CDs and electronic

MRO partners with healthcare organizations to resolve PHI disclosure challenges by providing advanced disclosure management solutions across the healthcare spectrum.

With MRO’s disclosure management applications and services, healthcare organizations receive the personal consultation and technology solutions needed to fulfill all ARRA and HIPAA disclosure requirements. With the AOD Online solution, MRO performs a comprehensive review and evaluation of a provider’s operational policies and workflows to assess how it is performing in relation to the requirements. MRO then identifies what measures and programs are needed to stop any leaking disclosures.