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RACs Moving Forward: Year of Uncertainty is Over

RACs are back! Following several delays and multiple lawsuits, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has finally awarded the new RAC contracts. After a standstill in 2016, as RAC regions remained unresolved, RACs now have the green light to fully reengage and return to business as usual.

In the May 2017 issue of HCPro’s HIM Briefings, I covered the topic of the return of RACs and outlined what Health Information Management (HIM) professionals can do to prepare for the next round of audits, including four tips to stay proactive and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Four Tips for HIM Pros on Dealing with RACs

  1. Review and refine processes – Implement effective processes to maximize reimbursement and minimize takebacks. Conduct internal reviews and audits, review all clinical documentation, and continually refine workflow processes for these cases.
  2. Document and track – HIM’s most important role is to document and track every step of RAC reviews for every case. Use spreadsheets or an IT application, such as MRO’s AUDITRENDS® Online, in conjunction with a vendor partner.
  3. Increase collaboration – Effective RAC risk mitigation extends beyond your designated RAC team. Increase communication and collaboration among RAC teams, coders and CDI specialists. All should work together to reduce RAC risk.
  4. Continually develop staff – Team members must also become RAC experts. This includes education and training on how to deal with everchanging program parameters, meet tightening deadlines, and manage a deluge of auditor requests. RAC specialists must determine which audit data is most important and be able to uncover data integrity issues in collaboration with the audit and coding teams.

To learn about MRO’s payer audit management solutions, visit the MRO website or visit us at the HFMA ANI convention June 25-28, 2017 in Orlando, Florida – Booth #1150.

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A Lesson in Staff Retention: 15 Reasons Why MRO’s Employees Stay

On May 1, 2017, MRO celebrated our 15th anniversary. As the company continues to grow and evolve, we keep a focus on our “people” – hiring, training and retaining the best and brightest in the industry. Employee retention isn’t an easy feat in the Release of Information (ROI) industry – in fact, the average turnover rate for ROI staff is around 40 percent. At MRO, we keep our turnover at an impressively low 15 percent.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we collected a list, through a voluntary employee survey, of the top 15 reasons MRO employees love their release of information jobs. Any employer can learn a lesson or two from the results.

15 Reasons MRO Employees Love Their Release of Information Jobs

  1. Great managers – Managers are a huge indication of employee job satisfaction, and a major reason employees stay or go. At MRO, we have programs to develop enthusiastic managers who coach team members to be successful.
  2. Flexible scheduling – People cherish the ability to maintain work life balance.
  3. Enjoyable work – When work is fun and meaningful, employees tend to go the extra mile. I heard an anecdote that really encapsulates this idea. It goes like this: three people were crushing rocks side by side at a construction job, when they were asked, “What is your job?” The first person answered, “My job is to do whatever I am told so I can get a check.” The second person replied, “My job is to crush rocks.” The third person said, “My job is to build a temple.”  Ask yourself, which of these workers do you think is the happiest?
  4. Coworkers – They’re the best! At MRO, we treat coworkers with the same level of customer service as anyone else.
  5. Growing company – MRO has been listed on Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies list for two years in a row. When a company is growing, not only is it exciting, but it’s an indication of stability.
  6. Fast-paced and exciting jobs – Fast-paced jobs make the day go by. Nobody wants to be bored with all the time we spend on the job!
  7. Making a difference – We are all in search of a clear and driving purpose for our lives, and want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. At MRO, our work world offers a great opportunity for people to connect with a purpose. We make a difference in the lives of patients, requesters and our clients by getting the right PHI to the right requesters, on time. We remind our teams regularly that they are “everyday heroes.”
  8. Career advancement and promotion opportunities – Developing employees, and promoting within, support a positive culture. That’s our approach at MRO. We also encourage our credentialed health information management (HIM) staff to pursue their educational goals by contributing towards membership dues to the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).
  9. Team culture – When everyone is in harmony, working towards a team mission, employees tend to be fulfilled. At MRO, we take pride in our culture, which is based on MRO’s core values of passion, accountability, respect, trust, nurture, excellence and reputation.
  10. Valued ideas and opinions – Everyone wants to be heard, and employees with great ideas can make a huge impact on a company’s success, from improving efficiency with technology ideas, to enhancing quality and service through recommending adjustments to workflow.
  11. Leadership that cares – Leaders, from executive management to direct managers, can cheer staff to achieve their highest levels of excellence.
  12. Stability – When a company is stable, employees have one less thing to worry about. Employees can rest assure with job security, benefits, wages, etc.
  13. Great benefits – Employees don’t take these for granted! Healthcare insurance, personal time off, etc., all support an employee’s wellbeing, attitude and commitment to the company.
  14. Company reputation – MRO has been rated #1 by KLAS for four years in a row, and noted for having both the highest quality and fastest turnaround times in the ROI industry. It’s inspiring to be part of a company that is rated top in its field!
  15. Training programs – People want fun, interactive and easily accessible training – not a boring, old PowerPoint template that has been in use for ten years. MRO Academy is MRO’s primary training tool, offered via a web-based learning management system. Training is continuously updated and offered through the virtual platform.

Other reasons MRO employees listed for loving their jobs included competitive wages, educational opportunities, employee recognition, fun events and charity activities.

In an incredibly competitive business environment, hiring and retaining top talent can be challenging. However, if you listen carefully to what your employees say they love about working for your company – and continue to do more of that – chances are you’ll keep the best of the best working for your organization.

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Celebrating MRO’s 15th Anniversary

On May 1, 2017, MRO celebrated our 15th anniversary. As a co-founder of the company, I have had the great honor and privilege of watching the organization evolve and grow. There have been both exciting and interesting times throughout MRO’s history, including major milestones that helped transform the organization into the industry-recognized leader for Protected Health Information (PHI) disclosure management, including Release of Information (ROI).

Company History

When we formed MRO in 2002, our initial business plan was to design an easy-to-use document management application that could scan medical records into a burgeoning internet environment. This became Chart Online®. Along the way, we began looking at ROI, as typical ROI workflows were not efficient or convenient for requesters, and we believed we could build a better platform.

Over the course of time, we have used innovation, creativity and a passion for service excellence to build a leading platform for disclosure management. Some milestones follow.

15 Milestones in Health Information Management

1. The company was founded as Medical Records Online. We later changed to the acronym MRO – 2002

2. The Pennsylvania-based orthopedic care group Rothman Institute became MRO’s first ROI client – 2002

3. Delaware’s St. Francis Medical Center became MRO’s first hospital client – 2003

4. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, in southeast Pennsylvania, became the first client to use MRO’s staffed service model for ROI – 2004

5. Lehigh Valley Health Network became the first client to leverage MRO’s remote model for ROI services – 2005

6. MRO established a proprietary interface with the U.S. Social Security Administration for automating Disability Determination Services request processes – 2008

7. MRO became one of the first certified Health Information Handlers (HIHs) and participated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD) gateway pilot program – 2011

8. MRO became the first ROI company to be rated by KLAS. We went on to win the KLAS Category Leader designation for ROI, four years in a row! – 2012 through 2017

9. The company announced the launch of IdentiScan®, our record integrity application, which leverages optical character recognition technology to review documentation to locate and correct comingled records – 2013

10. Imperial Capital Group, Ltd. became the majority owner of MRO – 2014

11. We relocated our headquarters and National Service Center to a larger facility in historic Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – 2015

12. Inc. magazine named MRO one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation two years in a row – 2015 and 2016

13. MROeLink®, a suite of HIT integrations for automating ROI, was launched, offering Epic electronic health record (EHR) users integration capabilities to improve ROI efficiency and quality – 2016

14. Our Patient Advocate program was launched from MRO’s National Service Center to offer additional support to patient requesters. The program won a Stevie® Award for innovation in customer service – 2016 and 2017

15. named MRO the No. 34 midsize company on a list of Top Workplaces in Philadelphia – 2017

Congratulations to all MRO employees and clients who have participated in our 15-year adventure in Health Information Management! To learn about the pillars of MRO’s success, watch our video.

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