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Our clients are the reason for our success in 2015

We Appreciate Your Trust In Us

2016 is almost here, but before we ring in the New Year, I would like to take a moment to celebrate a few of MRO’s accomplishments in 2015 — all of which are attributable to our clients and our collective commitment to exceeding their expectations.

This year our company was recognized for superior quality, service, innovation and growth by several organizations. In part due to this growth, this fall we also moved into a new larger headquarters that affords us the space and technology to deliver better client service.

What we’re perhaps most proud of this year, though, is that we learned through an impartial, third-party survey that 100 percent of our clients would hire us again. This finding alone is fulfilling for all of us at MRO and motivates us to continue to earn that loyalty every day of the year.

Multiple recognitions for quality and growth
Our recognitions began in January when MRO was named Category Leader for the Release of Information (ROI) services market segment as part of the “2014 Best in KLAS: Software & Professional Services” report. This was MRO’s second year in a row to receive this honor. Later in 2015, KLAS also named MRO as the ROI vendor with the best quality and overall performance in its “HIM Services Performance 2015: Coding, Transcription, Release of Information” report.

These rankings were especially meaningful for us because KLAS researchers base their evaluations on in-depth, impartial and honest interviews with our own clients. Being named “the best” by clients is what we aspire to every day.

Other organizations also recognized our achievements in 2015, including Corporate LiveWire, a corporate-finance news and information organization, which named MRO as the “Most Innovative Disclosure Management Firm – USA.” MRO was selected ahead of three other disclosure management firms who were not named by Corporate LiveWire.

Lastly, MRO was named one of Inc. magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies based on our growth over the last three years, a pace we are positioned to maintain or exceed in 2016.

New National Service Center
In October, we launched operations in our new larger, vibrant and modern facility outside of Philadelphia, PA in historic Valley Forge. The new National Service Center has twice the floor space to accommodate our expanding workforce and technology needs and includes an improved communications system, which will especially benefit our requester- and client-services teams. The system assists our specialists and leadership team in assessing phone call metrics, managing calls, adjusting resources and analyzing workloads. Take a look at our facility video that showcases how our National Service Center serves our clients below.

Client commitment drives success
While we’re proud of our accomplishments this year, we really want to thank our clients for helping drive our success with their loyalty, feedback and recommendations to colleagues. Continuous client-service improvement is the engine of our success strategy, driving our technology improvements and new technology development, employee-training curriculum, and partnership- and expansion-opportunity evaluations, among other strategic decisions.

For 2016, we’re busy planning and perfecting new services and technology enhancements to further enable our clients with the most cutting-edge solutions. Most importantly, we will continue to strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Happy New Year!

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4 ways a high-quality PHI disclosure management team can bring home Release of Information touchdowns

Winter is almost upon us. We’re deep into the football season. And, I’ll be settling in at home to watch the local Philadelphia Eagles play the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

I’ve watched the home team struggle this season, and I can’t help but think about what makes some teams more successful than others. I believe that great teams need solid training and coaching, plus the confidence that comes with practiced experience, to choose and execute the right play at the right moment as part of a winning strategy. Just as it does in the game of football, this counts in the business of ensuring efficient and compliant disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI), too.

To manage Release of Information (ROI) in the best interests of the patient and for timely, informed care, a Health Information Management (HIM) team needs to protect the ball (or the request) and deliver it (and its associated PHI) safely over the goal line time after time. In that spirit, the following are four ways your PHI disclosure management team can bring home ROI touchdowns:

1. Preparation. Having a great playbook means being prepared with a set of plans for a variety of situations. Each player (or ROI specialist) should be trained and ready to take the best-practice action in each case. This kind of proactive approach can help prevent fumbles in the request completion process.

2. Know the rules. Knowing the rulebook is also essential to the game. With ongoing changes to the HIPAA Privacy & Security rules, as well as the need to comply with state law, healthcare organizations must ensure that all requirements are met. HIPAA guidelines may be overruled by state law, and the regulations that apply in one state may not exist in another. To be in compliance, the organization needs to understand the variant situations and adjust processes appropriately.

3. Performance measurement. Measuring, reporting and reviewing performance are also crucial to ensure that productivity, turnaround, Accounting of Disclosures and other key areas are all running at their peak. It’s much like watching the game films at practice the next day to determine exactly what took place and then figure out how to execute better next time. Likewise, thorough risk assessment will allow the team to eliminate any openings in its defense.

4. Strong coaching. Team members should receive a formal program of ongoing learning led by highly qualified “head coaches” where they gain knowledge and learn good judgment which results in strong productivity and highly accurate ROI deliveries. Learn more about MRO’s training and education programs on our website.

As part of their strategy, many organizations choose to outsource PHI disclosure management rather than maintain their own team and processes. Fortunately, MRO is positioned to take it all on and consistently score for our partners. MRO offers the type of team I have described here plus state-of-the-art technology all integrated into a proven, standardized workflow that helps enforce HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures across the multiple departments that disclose PHI.

A successful PHI disclosure management strategy should be dedicated to using all available resources to win the game and the season, and a strong, focused team is a key component. MRO’s winning team delivers high-quality results every day.

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The evolving HIM role paves the way for exciting career opportunities

Career Photo - Paige Blog1

As I stood by the podium at my high school graduation in 2008 accepting my diploma, I had no idea where life was going to take me. Fast-forward four years, and I am walking across the stage at Temple University’s Liacouras Center, fighting back tears as I am handed my college diploma.

I still had no idea what was in store for me. Luckily, I had one unique asset under my belt—something that would open many doors for me. At Temple, I studied Health Information Management (HIM). I assure you that I did not even know that this major existed until I was already a college student, but majoring in HIM was truly one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Being armed with both an in-demand degree like HIM and also having earned my Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) certification, suddenly new options presented themselves, and my world became much bigger than the one I knew on graduation day.

In HIM, we learned about billing, coding, quality improvement, anatomy and physiology, project management, privacy and security, Release of Information, as well as the latest information management technology, healthcare provider workflows, and data integrity. Now more than ever, hospitals and large health systems need professionals who are trained and skilled in these areas to support compliant Protected Health Information (PHI) standards and processes. Being such a vital partner in the healthcare organization and the rapid growth of the industry right now makes this field both stimulating and rewarding.

Working at MRO offers an excitement all its own. Our implementation team has more than doubled in size since I joined in 2013. We are now made up of seven members, and we are still expanding due to the overwhelming demand for our company’s solutions.

On our implementation team, I am lucky enough to be involved in client onboarding, and projects occurring all over the country. In many of these implementations, we are integrating direct interfaces between our platform and our clients’ EHRs, such as Epic. I am watching this company rapidly expand right in front of my eyes, and I am so excited to be a part of it.

There could not be a better time to be involved in HIM. The demand is high and there is much work to be done. To learn more about careers at MRO, visit our Careers page.

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